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Regular lawn cutting and edging

Cutting and trimming turf weekly at a mowing height of 2”-3” and will be adjusted when hot and dry weather conditions dictate to avoid turf stress.  Mowing equipment and patterns shall be employed to permit recycling of clippings where possible and present a neat appearance.  Walks and pavement will be cleared of any grass debris.  

Spring Cleanup

Our crews will remove debris that has collected in the planting beds over the winter months.  It also includes power raking and cutting the lawn and sharply edging planting beds and sidewalks. You would be surprised of the amount of work involved with prepping your yard for the spring time. Let MD Landscaping and Design work for you.

Fall Cleanup

An extension of our lawn maintenance program, done during the month of November.  It includes cutting of most perennials (some are not cut down in fall) removal of leaves and debris.  Done up to two times in the month of Nov.  The goal is to do the final cleanup when all the trees in the yard have dropped their leaves. In preparation for the winter, lawn will be mowed at a lower height to discourage turf diseases which can form over winter when tall grass is matted down by snow.

s2 Grub control, conventional and organic

A season long chemical grub control is applied at the most effective time which is late June or early July.  A natural treatment alternative consists of applying Milky Spores early in the growing season for three consecutive years.  This allows for a bacterial colony to develop to where it will control grubs for up to 15 years. 

Core Aeration 

 Recommended to be done in fall or on a recently sodded lawn. Aeration aids in getting oxygen and water down to the grass roots.  It also promotes deeper root growth providing for a more drought tolerant lawn.  Aeration also speeds up the breakdown of thatch and helps to loosen the soil.

Fertilizing with organic based fertilizers

Our fertilizer program uses organic based fertilizers on all applications.  A total of four applications are done per season approximately 8 weeks apart.  These fertilizers contain little or not phosphorus.  MD Landscaping knows fertilization and what programs are best for your yard and in your location.

Soil testing and amendments

Soils can vary greatly between towns and even neighborhoods.  A soil test consists of taking soil 3” to 4” below ground level from several areas in the yard.  It is then sent to a soil lab and analyzed.  The test results and amendment recommendations are usually back in 3 weeks. The test will show the soil PH structure and what minerals and nutrients are too low or too high.  It will also recommend amendments to correct deficiencies.

s5 Comprehensive landscape designs

Landscape needs and goals vary widely, but we an help with professional landscape designs. To learn more about MD Services and our comprehensive landscape design services feel free to contact us. One of our team members will be more than happy to help you put together a comprehensive landscaping design solution.

Tree and shrub installation

We shop several northern Illinois wholesale nurseries to find the best locally grown plant material at a fair price. MD Landscaping is a full service, comprehensive landscape design company that can help you plan and execute your outdoor dream living space. Let us help you with tree and shrub installation to help complete polish off your yard the way it was meant to be.
Low voltage landscape lighting

Professional grade low voltage lighting fixtures are used to create a night time landscape masterpiece.  Unique Lighting fixtures are primarily used but we also work with Kichler and Hadco. Most fixtures and transformers that we use come with a lifetime warranty.

Rain harvest systems

In addition to rain barrels, we can create a system designed to catch rain water from your down spouts and/or sump outlet, where it is held underground and is circulated through an above ground water feature.  The stored water can be taken out and used to water your flowers, trees, lawn and even used to wash your car.

Pondless water features

Custom designed water features using natural stone to create water falls and streams that empty into a bed of rock. Whether you are looking for a small pond or perhaps a running pond and hard-scape design, MD Landscape can help you plan your idea, review design examples, and we can help design and execute the entire project from start to finish.
Drainage systems

Individual needs vary greatly, please call for a free consultation. Let MD Landscaping work with you on putting together a drainage system that works for your yard, your home, and your landscaping needs. Contact us for a free consultation on drainage.

Natural stone walls and features

Any of these features can greatly enhance the value of your home.  We can assist you in a wall that can fit well into your landscape.  The amount of options one has when it comes to stone walls and features is endless. We can help you choose a stone type and design that will add beauty and value to your home while giving you the enclosure and design you want.
Paver patio and retaining walls

Much of the paving work we do is custom and designed just for our customers uniquely. We can use multiple colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to put together a paver layout sure to get use and impress those who gaze.


We offer either a kit or custom made firepits, natural stone or formed block.

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MD Landscaping & Design, Inc. services customers requiring landscape maintenance and design services in Mount Prospect, Prospect Heights, Glenview,  Arlington Heights, and other surrounding towns.